Resolution for the provision of allowing 2 Vice Presidents

Resolution to add role and definition of Vice President


As we are a voluntary organisation, and as our organisation grows it has become apparent in the last 3 years that the workload of improving governance and meeting needs of our members and the industry at large is ever expanding. 

It will be optional  for future Boards to have 2 Vice Presidents.

Why does the AGSC need 2 Vice Presidents when the Board can create more sub-committees to spread the load of tasks?

The Board recommends that having 2 vice presidents will increase the accountability and productivity of the organisation from a broad overarching perspective rather than focussing on one succinct issue of a committee.


Each VP will be delegated tasks for organisational clarity at the beginning of each year. As need arises these roles may shift. As of 2021 the two proposed VP role are as follows:

  1. Business Management and Operations (Me-Lee Hay)

  2. Marketing, Website and Member Communications (Dale Cornelius)

In 2020,  these responsibilities between Me-Lee and Dale have overlapped and has allowed for fluidity when one has been stretched for time due to other work commitments.



Currently there is no definition of a Vice President, but there is for the President, Secretary and Treasurer. So for continuity, the Board recommends this clause to be added


10.6 Role of Vice-President.

The Vice-President will perform the duties of President (including chairing Board and General Meetings, being the public spokesperson for the Company, signing agreements on behalf of the Company etc) if there is no President or if the President is unable or unavailable to perform their duties.


To allow for 2 Vice Presidents the The Board recommends these 2 changes:

  • To be added into Definitions

    (o)           “Vice-President” means any person or persons (provided that the maximum number is two) who are appointed to perform the duties of Vice-President of the Company; and


  • Here is the new wording in underline for 10.2 for this change to occur

10.2 The Office Bearers
The officers of the Company shall be appointed by the Board and shall consist of a President (who will also act as chair), a Vice-President(s), a Secretary and a Treasurer. The  Secretary and Treasurer need not be members of the Company (*). The President and Vice-President(s) must be members of the company. The President shall be appointed for a term of three (3) years but the Board shall retain the power to terminate that appointment at any time. The Secretary, the Vice-President(s) and Treasurer shall be appointed by the Board on an annual basis.


*Refer to this page for explanation on Provision for Secretary and Treasurer to be non members.


Here is the Organisation Chart of the AGSC Board in relation to the proposed non-member Secretary and Treasurer positions and proposed 2 Co-Vice President positions:

Download hi-res version here

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