Resolution for extension of current Board tenure from 12 months to approximately 18 months

The current Board started in March 2020 at the last AGM.


The normal tenure of a Board lasts for 12 months. 


As we all know, 2020 has been a tough year. Global pandemic plus bushfires, droughts and floods ravaging the country. The current Board has worked hard to keep our members connected and engaged in a very trying time. Projects that have been started have not had time to come to true fruition. 


Here are a few projects that are in the works:

  • A new website that will be more automated and with more resources available to members, including; updatable profiles and hopefully forums for composers to converse in

  • Development of our relationship with APRA, particularly in relation to making joint submissions to government such as the detailed response to the Options Paper on “Supporting Australian Stories on our Screen”

  • Development of our relationship with the other guilds including SPA and MEEA to further enhance the messaging to government - such as being part of the “Make It Australian” campaign and petition 

  • NORMAH (Network of Recording Musicians at Home) - a curated, members-only database, connecting our members nationally with highly experienced session musicians who have the equipment and know-how to remotely record in their homes.

  • Ongoing lobbying of the government to make changes at legislative level, such as making streamers contribute to the  development of Australian productions

  • Ongoing lobbying of Screen Australia to consider Australian composers in Australian funded projects

  • Development and implementation of educational webinars, delivered free to tertiary institutions teaching music composition, as well as film studies, to inform and connect with new generations of screen composers and filmmakers.

  • Research and development of an Indigenous Screen Composer initiative using strategic partner alliances with; NATSIMO, APRA, Screen Australia, and AFTRS.

  • Initiation of a new AGSC YouTube Channel interview series titled ‘Composer to Composer’, which will provide an in-depth focus into the work practises of Australian screen composers through interviewing one another

  • A resource that thoroughly explores tax implications of re-investment deals to follow on from the webinar held earlier in the year

  • Consulting with APRA to fine tune the awards judging process to ensure transparency, negate unconscious bias  and further instigation of the  the marking / rubric system

  • Commandeering the Gender Equity Roundtable for the Screen Industry to be held in early 2021 Melbourne

  • Establishing an ongoing, rotating AGSC Women’s Playlist for the public to easily access on our website and other social platforms to promote women composers


Further more we want to instigate a Strategic Planning Forum of all members in February 2020. We want to hear from YOU! What do you want the AGSC to do for you?!


With Covid conditions permitting we aim to have a combined in person and online meetings to hear directly from our members what they want from the AGSC. This will inform the Board’s Strategic Planning Meeting shortly after.


This is to name just a few issues we as a Board are working on.


We feel our work is unfinished!


Consequently we propose the following ordinary resolution to be voted on by our members:

That the 2020 Board of Directors extend their tenure from 12 months to no more than 19 months with the tenure ending at the next AGM which will occur before November 30 2021




Antony Partos - President

Me-Lee Hay - Vice President

Mark Buys - Treasurer

Dale Cornelius - Secretary

Elizabeth Drake

Hylton Mowday

Petra Salsjo

Tom Rouch

Cameron Patrick


(Frank Millward and Craig Morgan will be stepping down in 2021)


Click here to read more about all current Board members

The current Board has voted to commit to the quota of 40/40/20 - 40% male, 40% female and 20% male/female/non-binary, for the make-up for the 2022 Board onwards

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