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Will Netflix be forced to produce more Australian content?

This is important! With free-to-air broadcasters lobbying to reduce or eliminate local content quotas on children's television, and with a recent Senate inquiry into the economic and cultural value of Australian content on broadcast, radio and streaming services, and with high profile representations by the screen sector in support of maintaining local content quotas and extending these to streaming video services it's important that your voice is heard.

Representatives from the AGSC and many other industry guilds lobbied government in Canberra last year on this very issue. As Debi Enker of The Sydney Morning Herald stated last year;

"There are widespread and justifiable concerns about what the future might hold for the Australian TV industry. Specifically, these fears relate to.....the possibility that lobbying by the commercial free-to-air networks will be successful, resulting in the relaxation or removal of requirements on them for minimum levels of investment in local drama and children's programs. These quotas are critical protections for a sector that's already struggling. The removal or dilution of the quotas would be tantamount to a knockout blow."

Put simply, quotas on streaming video on demand services are vitally important for the screen sector to level the playing field between SVODs and local free-to-air broadcasters. If quotas are not implemented the local screen industry will become nonviable and jobs will go offshore. Screen composers will be among the many affected.

Here are two articles in today's newspapers.

Write to your local member. Support the AGSC and other industry guilds such as the ADG, AWG, ASE, SPA, and ASSG continue to lobby government!

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