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Composer Interviewer: Yantra de Vilder

20 Questions with an Australian Screen Composer - YANTRA DE VILDER


1. My name is... 
 Yantra de Vilder

2. I grew up in the musical era of….. Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Annie Lennox

3. I work from.... 
Cape Three Points Creative Studios located on my property in Avoca Beach

4. I've been composing for screen for... 30 years

5. Professionally, I'm also a..... Creative Arts practitioner - Artistic Director of 5 Lands Walk Festival, multi-instrumentalist performer, visual artist and art film maker 

6. I studied music at.... and qualified with a.... 
masters in music and doctorate in creative arts

7. I’m also highly skilled at…….putting on events that show case collaboration with community and creatives

8. Something people don't know about me is..... I’m a twin

9. My musical journey involved.... playing in bands (eg. Do Re Mi) working in theatre as a composer and performer, international projects with the BBC as composer and audio consultant, academia, teaching, conducting Handel’s Messiah.

10. The instrument I'm best at is... 

11. I also play.... guitar, ukulele, harp, bass, piano accordian, percussion and sing

12. I'm best known for my score(s) to... Oceania The Promise of Tomorrow- something I composed in 1989, and is now trending on youtube with over 38,000 views and rising.

13. A score I'm proud of but received little recognition is.....Home - A Place of Belonging. Composed for 50 piece choir and 10 piece music ensemble for the Opening Ceremony of 5 Lands Walk Festival, and recently made into a feature film.

14. The score I wish I wrote is...... because....The Mission. Passionate brilliance, evocative and powerful. 

15. My composing style is.... universal

16. My most memorable recording experience is....working in Bangladesh for the BBC . The musicians I worked with were of a such a high caliber, all playing traditional instruments. My job was to give the music a contemporary flavor whilst honouring the ancient roots of the sound – but the recording studio was extremely funky in a very humble way, with the power constantly crashing, and I was under a lot of pressure to get many sound cues to London at the end of every day. I was producer and composer- the only woman with a team of muslim men.
 Interesting times indeed.

17. All my scores seem to include... (instrument, or harmonic style, or....)

18. The person(s) and/or institution that helped me get to where I am now is..... 
Actually the AGSC has been a really important part of my life for over 20 years. It was through my work with the AGSC and Jo Smith offering me a composing job in Vanuatu that I met up with the BBC producer that I went onto work with for many years. A very important connection in my life that lead to international connections and experiences.

19. The things I love about my job is.....Creative collaboration

20. When I’m not composing, I like to.... garden, cook, paint, make films, work with my choir and play in my band.

21. My new year’s resolution for 2020 is/was ………keep the faith

22. A message to my fellow composers would be.... 
keep the faith, in yourself, in the power of music.