Composer Interviews


Thanks Jo!

Pictured above: Art Phillips (President 2001-2007), Ken Francis (Current AGSC Board member), Caitlin Yeo (Current President), Clive Harrison (President 2009-2011), Guy Gross (President 2012 - 2017), Jo Smith (Executive Director 1993-2019), Chris Neal (President 1999-2000), Damien Lane (Current Board member), Antony Partos (past Vice President 2012-2017).

On Wednesday the 11th December we wished Jo Smith farewell from her extraordinary time as executive director of the AGSC. Jo worked with the AGSC for 27 years, and tirelessly championed screen composers during this time. She will be greatly missed. In true Jo style, it took some convincing to even host an intimate lunch of this size, and so, the past presidents gathered and we thanked her for her service. Jo’s political prowess, unbreakable positivity, warm-hearted and welcoming attitude, and advocacy for screen composers will always be remembered.