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Mental Health Matters workshops happening nationally

This, from our good friends at APRA AMCOS. Please spread the word.

"Mental health matters, whether it’s your own, or that of a client, a colleague, or a crew member. But it can be hard to give your health and well-being the attention it deserves when the demands, deadlines and stresses of being a musician and/or a music industry professional take priority.

The results of a recent survey and study commissioned by Entertainment Assist tell a powerful story:

musicians are five times more likely than the general population to suffer from depression10 times more likely to show symptoms of anxietymusicians and crew don’t often know where to go for help

That's why we’re presenting the new workshop series Mental Health Matters, to help our members and the industry identify mental health issues and find out about resources like the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline, and to provide tips on how to help others as well as yourself.

Each event will be a practical and informative session led by an AccessEAP trained clinician with experience in mental health and wellbeing training, as well as an interest in the music industry's needs. 

Mental Health Matters is presented with AMIN partners, AccessEAP, Support Act, TAG, Quest Apartment Hotels  and Virgin Australia

Mental Health Matters

SA - Tues 12 March Doors 6pm - 8:30pm St. Paul's Creative Centre With Kate McPhee, AccessEAP RSVP

NSW - Weds 13 March Doors 6pm - 8:30pm The Red Rattler, Marrickville With Dorienne Spennato, AccessEAP RSVP

VIC - Weds 13 March Doors 6pm - 8:30pm Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford With Kate McPhee, AccessEAP RSVP

QLD - Mon 25 March Doors 6pm - 8:30pm Music Industry College, Fortitude Valley With Debbie O’Keefe , AccessEAP RSVP

WA - Mon 25 March Doors 6pm - 8:30pm State Library of Western Australia With Dorienne Spennato, AccessEAP RSVP

NT - Weds 27 March Doors 6pm - 8:30pm Harbour View Plaza With Debbie O’Keefe , AccessEAP RSVP"

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