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Hauschka Q&A wrap up

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Volker Bertelmann (AKA Hauschka) and AGSC President Caitlin Yeo

The AGSC recently hosted a special event with composer and Oscar nominee Hauschka, AKA Volker Bertelmann (Lion, Hotel Mumbai). Ahead of concert performances in Sydney and Melbourne, the artist kindly agreed to a Q & A-style event held at Trackdown Studios, moderated by AGSC President Caitlin Yeo. 

The evening commenced with a performance showcasing some of Hauschka's prepared piano work, also weaving in cues from films such as Lion. The sound in the venue was exceptional and it was a privilege for the audience to witness him perform in such an intimate setting.  

A warm and generous speaker, Hauschka discussed his artistic processes, his attitude towards his craft and the industry, and journey from music teacher to globally recognised artist and in-demand film composer. He also expanded on his prepared piano techniques and the inspiration behind them, demonstrating some of the unusual objects he uses to interact with the piano strings in a unique way for each performance. 

Thank you to Top Shelf and Trackdown Studios for helping the AGSC to hold this event, and to APRA for their support,