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Composer interview - Burkhard Dallwitz

My name is Burkhard Dallwitz   

Age is irrelevant

I work from ‘The Soft Centre Studios’ in Melbourne. I've been composing for the screen for 34 years.

I studied music at La Trobe University and qualified with a Bachelor of Music.

Something people don't know about me is that I once watched ‘A Star Is Born’ 5 times in a row. ( I was 18 at the time and camping in the UK and it was raining non stop for 2 days and in hindsight it’s the only rational explanation that I can come up with)

My musical journey involved playing in a duo/trio since I was 15 and retiring from live performance when I was 24 and then starting to compose for the screen while doing my university degree.

The instrument I'm best at is Piano.

I also play anything else that has keys.

I'm best known for my scores to The Truman Show, The Way Back and Underbelly.

If I wasn't me, the composer I'd love to be is Arvo Part because I would love to be able to write such beautiful music.

My composing style is my own.

My workflow is typically working from 9am until 7pm every day or until the work is done. I compose using Cubase and Pro Tools.

My screen composing income is supplemented by my royalties thanks to APRA and various other royalty collecting organisations.

The person that helped me get to where I am now is my wife. She is an editor and provided me with my first connections in the film industry. She is also the one person who hears my compositions before anyone else and tells me what’s good and what’s not.

If I wasn't a screen composer I'd probably be unemployed.

The things I love about my job is going into my studio everyday and getting paid to write music.

The things I dislike about my job is when I don’t have a job.

My favourite pieces of gear are my Focal SM9 studio monitors.

My favourite piece of non film-score music is ‘Fratres’ by Arvo Part.

To relax I sleep, which I’m very good at.

A day wouldn't be complete without a snooze.

The last concert I went to was Patty Smith performing ‘Horses’. My short review is: Simply brilliant!

A message to my fellow composers would be: Stand up for your rights (if possible) but most importantly develop your own musical voice, be passionate and be true to yourself.

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