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Composer Interview - Antony Partos

My name is  Antony Partos

I'm aged  I'm still very immature for my age

I work from Sonar Music

I've been composing for screen for  30 years.

Professionally, I'm also a politician botherer.

I studied music  at the Sydney Conservatorium High School and qualified with an HSC. I'm also a qualified sound engineer with a BA in Film and Television (although it is generally known that I am a technophobe).

Something people don't know about me is... not much as I generally wear my heart on my sleeve.

My musical journey involved realising that I need a brief with a time limit to compose anything.

The instrument I'm best at is the piano.

I also play tennis with my kids occasionally.

I'm best known for my score(s) to Animal Kingdom, Sherpa, Rake and The Slap.

A score I'm proud of but received little recognition is  not applicable.

The score I wish I wrote is Schindler’s List because it's such a beautiful haunting theme. And Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind because it’s such an original concept dealing with love, memory and loss.

If I wasn't me, the composer I'd love to be is JS Bach because he was a bloody genius and obviously had a lot of sex as well.

My composing style is hopefully not too repetitive. My workflow is typically non stop.

I compose using Cubase.

My screen composing income is supplemented by APRA.

The person(s) and/or institution that helped me get to where I am now was a lady I picked up at a bus stop in order to travel in the transit lane because her partner gave me my first gig and recommended that I try and go to The Australian Film, Television and Radio School.

If I wasn't a screen composer I'd probably be a politician because I hate the job our current lot are doing.

The things I love about my job is laughing with my business partners.

The things I dislike about my job is that it is all consuming.

My favourite piece of technology are my Focal speakers because I can finally get a real sense of what things really sound like.

My favourite piece of non film-score music is any piano concerto by Beethoven because they convey so much power and beauty. Also the Pyramid song by Radio Head. That is just pure genius.

My favourite film is No Country for Old Men because it doesn't need a score.

To relax I Kayak

A day wouldn't be complete without someone laughing about some faux pas I was responsible for.

The last concert I remember going to was the Hans Zimmer concert

My short review is it was pretty cheesy if you want my honest opinion!

A book that resonated with me was Seven Years In Tibet because it shows how enterprising man can be and was a wonderful inside into the early life of the current Dalai Lama.

A message to my fellow composers would be to try and be as original as possible in this age of generic music.

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