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Composer Fees - What you need to know!

We are excited to be able to present a new resource for Australian composers called Composer Fees - What you need to know!

There has been a lot of press over the last few months around the rights composers are being asked to sign away in order to retain a job (see recent news surrounding Netflix and Discovery for example). These reports have highlighted yet again the importance of understanding what these rights are, and the potential financial cost of relinquishing these rights over the course of your career.  However, it is vital that composers are also aware that the upfront fee is an essential part to the sustainability of our profession. More frequently than ever before, we are receiving reports from experienced AGSC members who are being offered $0 to write the music for projects intended for commercial distribution, and are hearing from members who have been asked to sign away a large portion of their royalties and assign all the rights in the music to the producers without compensation. It is now more important than ever that we understand how to make a sustainable living, to ensure the vitality and survival of our craft in Australia. In light of this we have been working on some new resources for our website.  Here is the first, outlining the importance of both the upfront fee and backend royalties, called Composer Fees - What you need to know! We believe this is essential reading for all composers. We will also have more information on what work-for-hire, buyout and direct license agreements mean for Australian screen composers soon! Caitlin (prez), Brett (vice), Annie and the entire AGSC board