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Can it be that Copyright, Publishing and Licensing are actually fascinating?

Well, OK... perhaps "fascinating" is a bit of a stretch. But if the response of screen composers who attended Brett Aplin's talk 'It's not just about the fee!' earlier this month is any guide then the answer is a resounding yes. At the very least, understanding this stuff is vital to your career longevity as a screen composer. After all, we don't typically have agents here to deal with this shit...

We all know that the finer details of our music agreements are hard to wade through and often harder to fully comprehend. With this in mind Brett spoke at length on how copyright, publishing and the terms of your license agreements are actually valuable assets, in the same way that your keyboard, computer, software or instruments are assets. A better understanding of the nature and potential value of these assets gives us all a useful tool to use when negotiating our fee or the terms of our music agreements.

We had some great feedback on the night and in the days afterwards with some expressing surprise at the potential value of these assets and others expressing optimism that this new knowledge could improve their negotiated outcomes.

For those of you who couldn't make it, a cooks tour of Brett's talk can be found on our 'Copyright, Publishing and Licensing' and 'Royalties' resources pages. Don't forget our FAQ and 'Do's and Don'ts' pages also.

Many thanks to all who attended. It was a memorable evening with plenty of discussion both before and after the talk, with all the booze and food well and truly consumed!

Caitlin is hoping to deliver a similar talk to Sydney composers in the new year.

Below are some pics of the event. Now if only Brett had managed to take some photos of himself...

A massive thanks to APRA Melbourne for hosting us once again. Cheers Jenny.