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"Call Craig" on R U OK? Day!

Dear all,

My name is Craig Morgan.  I am a board member of the AGSC and have long championed the the issue of mental health and well-being in our industry.

Thursday the 13th of September is 'R U OK?' Day.  'R U OK' is an organisation whose mission is to inspire and empower everyone to meaningfully connect with people around them and support anyone struggling. Given the unique mental health challenges that screen composers face, the AGSC has decided to use this day to reach out to our members.

'Call Craig' on RUOK? Day is aimed at geographically isolated screen composers who suffer 'studio loneliness'.

You know what it's like - spending many hours in your home studio, working alone on a complex project, not taking regular breaks, not eating correctly - not getting enough personal support.

This is where I come in. 

I invite you to call and speak to me - about anything, anything at all. I'll be here to listen without judgement - and if needed, I can put you in contact with those who can help further.

Of course if you'd like to speak to a professional counselor, or someone other than me, please call The Support Act Helpline on 1800 959 500. RUOKDay will be confidential - I won't be keeping any records.

If you would like to 'Call Craig' on RUOK? Day, use the link below to book in a time to call in on Thursday the 13th of September. You never know - a simple conversation may make a world of difference.

Kind regards, Craig

Craig Morgan 0409 308 745