AGSC Mental Health Quick Reference guide is released

It's a tough game we screen composers find ourselves in at times. For some of us there are the financial pressures. For others there may be isolation in solo screen composition. And then there is always the rejection of cues or entire scores, or indeed a lack of employment. Self-worth is often inextricably linked to this creative pursuit we've chosen for ourselves. Yes, while being resilient is an important part of being a screen composer, the reality is that for some of us these feelings can become overwhelming at times.

With this in mind, and with a goal of providing support to all of you in our community we have just released our Mental Health Quick Reference Guide. This one-page guide is designed to be printed out and placed in your studio. It contains valuable information including key telephone support numbers, mental health affirmations, physical symptoms to look out for and tips on how to get the best out of Medicare. You never know when you might need the information located on this one-page guide - keep it handy just in case you need it. While certainly no substitute for seeking help from a health care professional we hope the guide can be some small help to some of you.

2018 has been a big year for the AGSC Mental Health and Well-Being Subcommittee. In April Craig Morgan gave presentations on Ways to Survive the Peaks and Troughs in Sydney and in Melbourne - these lectures were very well received, plus the Facebook recording of the event has hit more than 500 views. In June we emailed all of our members announcing the creation of the 24/7 ‘Support Act’ Mental Health Helpline. In September we launched the Call Craig on RUOK? Day intuitive aimed to address the issue of 'studio loneliness' for geographically isolated screen composers - the day was a success with much encouragement and positive feedback from other organisations.

Thanks to our very own Craig Morgan for putting this together. The Guide can be downloaded here.

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