Mark Buys


Dear Screen Music colleague, its highly likely that you’ve never heard of me or spotted my name at the tail end of a credits roll, and I’m totally cool with that.  I am proudly a ‘jobbing musician’, a composer, orchestrator, music editor, score coordinator, MIDI programmer, session musician, and music educator - one of those people who ’beavers away’ in a backroom helping to make the magic happen.


I make no claims to fame, I am merely an industry professional that after 20 years doing this has worked on 40+ film projects, some of which have been successful and some not. 


I’ve also been lucky enough to work with and for various famous and infamous composers, with an array of incredibly talented recording musicians, and at some mind bending recording studios both locally and internationally.  If my credits are of interest to you, feel free to look me up on IMDB, if not read on…

AGSC Board Statement

I’m now two years into my planned three year stint as Treasurer of the AGSC.  Yes this means if you’re agreeable I’ll stay active as Treasurer for one more year and then I’ll be passing on the baton. 


I took on this role altruistically, seeking to give the AGSC Ltd company a stronger financial base from which it could support and resource our national screen music community.


Two years on and the guild is now in a significantly stronger financial position than ever before, making it possible for the AGSC to better serve its membership (you!).  Quick aside, as a member, you should ask to see the Guilds financial reports to better understand where the AGSC was, and is now.  Or for that matter sit in on a board meeting.  Get involved!


Now, with a stronger financial base enabling ongoing political advocacy, online and in-person events and activities, over the next 12 months I will be focused on the content of the new professionally built AGSC website, which is intended to be a hub for newly updated business and creative resources, composer interviews and, contractual and accounting proformas developed by legal and accounting professionals intended to help us all.

AGSC Disclaimer

"The Information on this website is provided as general information only and on the understanding that the Australian Guild of Screen Composers (AGSC) is not providing professional advice of a legal, financial or otherwise nature to any user on the matters covered by this information. Whilst the AGSC makes every effort to keep the information on this site current, the information on this site is subject to change at any time and as different laws and legislation currently exist and operate between the States, Territories and Federal Government of Australia, the AGSC does not warrant or represent that the information on this site is free from errors or omissions.


Users of this site should also be aware that the information provided may be in the form of summaries and generalisations derived from other sources and may omit detail that could be significant to a particular scenario or context.  Users of this site should seek independent verification of any information on this site that they are seeking to rely on. The Guild can only provide general information and not advise you on specific points of your music contracts or on the law more broadly. Any questions relating to a contractual agreement beyond general ones should be directed to a qualified lawyer. For specific advice, the AGSC strongly recommends that: members seek information from the relevant Government authority, lawyer, tax professional or other industry professional.

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