For Directors and Producers

We composers love the art and craft of what we do. We like nothing more than joining with you in a fruitful and exciting collaboration; directing our energies and passion towards crafting a musical score that enhances the narrative of your production, helping you realise your vision, and bringing further to life the stories you wish to tell. There is nothing more satisfying and exhilarating than watching a completed scene where great writing, cinematography, directing, sound and music seamlessly come together to elevate the scene far beyond the sum of its parts, and the pride a composer feels in being a valued and respected partner in this collaboration.


Trust and understanding are important parts of any working relationship. Often small things, such as clear and realistic scheduling, a music budget that reflects the needs of the production, pre-planning a musical approach, efficient and directed use of (or even reduced reliance on) temp scores, realistic resourcing and open communication, can result in fewer compromises, a more efficient and productive composer and a remarkably better result for your production.


So please, fellow professionals, reach out to your composer early in your production, help us to de-mystify the creative and practical aspects of scoring for the screen and we can discuss ways to maximise our collaboration, improve our efficiency and get the best creative outcome for your production.


If you require a composer, please browse our extensive list of members and their websites.

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