Dale Cornelius


Melbourne based screen composer, Dale Cornelius, has written multi-nominated and  award winning scores for in-excess of 200 hours of content, for; feature film, short film,  animation, television drama, reality shows, documentary series, and feature length  documentaries, here in Australia and overseas.  

He has worked with many large and small Australian production companies, including;  December Media, 360 Degree Films, Unicorn Films, Cordell Jigsaw and Zapruder (CJZ),  Genepool Productions, Fremantle Media, Renegade Films, Crawford Productions,  Sensible Films, Flying Bark Productions, Instinct Entertainment, and See Pictures.


Dale has judged for APRA’s Screen Music Awards and Tropfest on multiple occasions,  conducted film scoring lectures & participated in Q&A sessions for tertiary institutions,  along with being a panellist/speaker/interviewee for; Melbourne International Film  Festival (MIFF), Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), Australian International  Documentary Conference (AIDC), 3MBS radio’s Island Life, ABC Classic FM, PBS FM’s  Film Buffs Forecast, and Natalie Portman’s ‘MakingOf’ web channel.

AGSC Board Statement

Since coming on to the AGSC board in March this year, I have focussed on working towards outcomes which will hopefully connect the guild with it's members in a more meaningful way, on a national level. I'm deeply concerned about the state of the industry, with regard to composers retaining their scope of rights, and believe that through educating emerging composers and building a better community through conversations, we can build a stronger voice within our industry. Some of the things I have been working on, include: 


1/ Conceptualisation, development and curation of the new AGSC NORMAH (Network  of Recording Musicians at Home) members-only database, which will connect our  composer members nationally with highly experienced session musicians who have the  equipment and know-how to remotely record in their homes. 


2/ Commencement of research and development toward an Indigenous Screen  Composer initiative, whilst creating strategic partner alliances with; NATSIMO, APRA,  Screen Australia, and AFTRS. 


3/ As Chair of the AGSC Education Sub Committee, I have overseen and participated in  the development and implementation of free tertiary educational webinars, which are  designed to inform and connect with new the generation of screen  composers/filmmakers and build relationships with these institutions. We have also  commenced our new AGSC YouTube Channel interview series, titled ‘Composer to  Composer’, which will provide an in-depth focus into the work practises of Australian  screen composers. 


4/ Achieving an outcome for a new AGSC Website, through researching web design  companies, obtaining quotes and reporting findings to the board (leading the Website working group), as well as participating in the creation of the survey of  members regarding positives and negatives of the current website, and participating in  the final discussions and briefing for the implementation of the new website;  completion early 2021.

AGSC Disclaimer

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Users of this site should also be aware that the information provided may be in the form of summaries and generalisations derived from other sources and may omit detail that could be significant to a particular scenario or context.  Users of this site should seek independent verification of any information on this site that they are seeking to rely on. The Guild can only provide general information and not advise you on specific points of your music contracts or on the law more broadly. Any questions relating to a contractual agreement beyond general ones should be directed to a qualified lawyer. For specific advice, the AGSC strongly recommends that: members seek information from the relevant Government authority, lawyer, tax professional or other industry professional.

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