AGSC Sub-Committees


The Awards committee is committed to creating a transparent and bias free judging system for our Screen Composing community.

In doing so, the committee has worked with APRA to address key aspects of the Judging Guidelines and Criteria. It has 

drawn on current and historical documents ( written by members of our community) to address key concerns in regards to the judging process, such as bias in all forms, including gender. We are making steady and incrementally positive progress. The Awards Committee started in 2019. 



The aim of the sub-committee is threefold:

  • To nurture the development of emerging screen composers. 

  • Build relationships with educational institutions whilst offering critical information for sustainable careers in screen composition. 

  • Instigate learning opportunities for young and emerging composers from all backgrounds, whilst encouraging established composers to share industry experience.



The Events Committee's main focus is to organise events for our members that will educate, encourage networking and create opportunities to form meaningful relationships with each other and the screen industry at large.


We work with the other committees to cover topics relevant to screen composers, and facilitate social gatherings through these events. As a long term vision, we hope to expand the events program outside of Sydney and Melbourne, having already increased access through the webinar platform since the advent of Covid-19.


The more connected we are as an industry, the more we are likely to thrive and continue to explore innovation and creativity in our craft.



the Industrial Relations Committee's main focus is to represent Screen Composer’s best interest by formulating responses to industrial laws that affect our industry,


We develop strategies and platforms to represent the Composers Guild and integrate with all other screen industry guilds who are charged with keeping our industry operating in a sustainable fashion.


The Industrial Relations Committee also interacts with APRA and other industry bodies such as Screen Australia.


The Committee provide input to seminars that aim to educate our members as well as the industry at large on various subjects such as copyright, contracts, budgets and offer general advice to members on a case by case basis.


This year we are focused on providing assistance during the pandemic to our members as well as developing a response to the Screen Australia Options Paper about the future of the screen industry.



The GEC exists to support the AGSC’s commitment to equality, inclusion and diversity, and is actively working to improve gender diversity in our membership, our workplaces, our awards, and at leadership/mentor level.


This Committee is dedicated to informing and equipping our members with knowledge and tools so they are informed regarding their Mental Health and Well-Being. We have come to acknowledge that the Mental Health and Well-Being of our members is an important aspect of being a screen composer - and we will continue to communicate strategies to assist our members wherever we can. Why? Because rates of Anxiety and Depression are 10 and 5 times (respectively) more likely for our members than the general community. This is something that we can change - hence the passion that fuels the AGSC's Health and Well-Being Committee.