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Victor Spiegel

Taripaypacha - Short film

Dreaming Abraham – Short film

Angels in America – Stage play

To Kill A Mockingbird – Stage play

The Tempest: Steampunked – Stage play

Cubed – Animation

Valentines Day – short film

Fractured – short film

Naked Picnic – Short film

My Name is Faten – Short film


Victor Spiegel builds innovative harmonies and rhythms with lyricism grown from both familiar and exotic worlds. Victor started his piano concert career at the age of six performing classical repertoire up to the age of fifteen. He then decided to focus on composing and performing his own material. He received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California in Performance Integration of World Myths and Music. There he wrote, directed and performed his Magic Door musical, and composed and conducted his ensembles and symphonic works. His Master of Arts in Music Composition from Mills College in Oakland, California solidified his academic and professional involvement in scoring for diverse media. It also provided him a basis for subsequent directing and involvement in teaching, film and video work. Currently, Victor is Lecturer in Music at JMC Academy, Sydney For more about his projects see For more about his current projects see