Rolf Meyer

"The Suicide Theory" (2014) - Feature Film

"The Physicists" (2011) - Theatrical Play

"Cosi" (2011) - Theatrical Play

"Grimm Tales" (2009) - Theatrical Play

"The Crucible" (2008) - Theatrical Play

"Circledrawers Season 1" (2008) - Icelandic/American TV series

"Circledrawers Season 1 (2008) - Trailer"Circledrawers Season 1 (2008) - Trailer

"The Carnage Development" (2007) - Short Film


Born in Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria and grew up in Sydney Australia. At a young age, Rolf loved listening to classical music on the radio (Classic FM), which led him to take piano lessons. Taking each year to learn a new instrument from the Clarient, Trombone, Trumpet & the Guitar. Rolf began writing his own compositions; during this phase, he found out that his love for music and films could work in conjunction and started to pursue studying film music. Rolf went to The McDonald College of Creative Arts from 2007 - 2011 where he studied Contemporary Music, Jazz /Percussion Ensemble and Composition. During his years at The McDonald College, Rolf had an arrangement with the acting department where he would compose original music for the school's theatrical plays including a few years 12 graduation plays. After he graduated Rolf took some time to work and later studied at The Australian Film, Television & Radio School (AFTRS) and completed his Diploma in Screen Music in 2013. Rolf has devoted his passion and extensive knowledge for film and music by working alongside great talents in the industry and hopes to excel his career into new possibilities. Rolf is currently composing the music for a feature film currently in production called "Frenzy" starring Australian icon John Jarrett.

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