Directory of Members


Raul Torres Jr

Pirate Ships of the Caribbean (2020) – Additional Music/Music Editor

Battle of Britain (2020) - Additional Music/Music Editor

Rise of the Roman Empire (2019) – Additional Music/Music Editor

Pacific Shockwave (2019) – Additional Music/Music Editor

Lost Giants (2019) – Additional Music/Music Editor

Hitlers Killer Warships (2019) – Music Editor

Secrets of Loch Ness (2019) – Music Editor/Additional Music

Secrets of Loch Ness (2019) – Music Editor/Additional Music

US Marine Corps Promotion (2018) Advertisement – Composer

Family Rules Episode 2.3 (2018) – Television Series – Music Editor

Raul is a music composer, producer and singer/song writer from Orlando Florida USA. Raised in Apopka, Florida a suburb northwest of Orlando, Florida he developed a love for music and the creation of it. Most of his influence stems from being raised in close proximity to Walt Disney World, but also the tutelage of his high school music teachers, William T. Reneicke, Linda Boot, and Mark “Chowder” Ellis. In addition, he often refers to how much the music of Richard and Robert Sherman (The Sherman Brothers) influenced him growing up.

Currently Raul composes music primarily for Film, TV and Video Games. However, he has also been noted for his symphonic winds music.

In the past, Raul has studied with various music professionals and instructors from various backgrounds to include performers and musicians at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida.