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Rafael May

I am Woman (2020) - Feature Film

Hearts and Bones (2019) - Feature Film

Ghosthunter (2017) - Documentary

Life after the Oasis (2019) - Documentary

Australians in Colour (2019) - Television documentary mini series

Round Trip (2019) - Short film

Vitamania - The Sense and Nonsense of Vitamins (2018) - Documentary

Lawless: The Real Bushrangers (2018) - TV Documentary series

Afghanistan: The Australian Story (2017) - TV Movie Documentary

The Reef (2010) - Feature Film


Rafael was the composer for two of the four Australian films at TIFF 2019. I Am Woman world premiered opening night Special Presentations. Hearts and Bones international premiered at Discovery. Ghosthunter was AACTA Nominee for Best Music for a Documentary and APRA AGSC Screen Music Nominee for Soundtrack Album. Lawless was nominee for best TV theme. Other recent scores include Australia In Colour, Vitamania, Life After The Oasis, Afghanistan: The Australian Story, Vitamania and the exhibition James Cameron Challenging The Deep.

Rafael has twice previously won Best Soundtrack Album at the APRA AGSC Screen Music Awards.

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