Nora Baldenweg

Zone Rouge (2018) - Feature Film

The Little Witch (2018) - Feature Film

Die Letze Pointe (2017) - Feature Film

La Femme Et Le TGV (2016) - Short Film

Lina (2016) - Feature Film

Amateur Teens (2015) - Feature Film

Aimless (2014) - Feature Film

Summer Outside (2012) - Feature Film

180° - Feature Film

Cannaibs (2006) - Feature Film


Diego Baldenweg with Nora Baldenweg & Lionel Vincent Baldenweg, also known as GREAT GARBO, are a multi award winning composer team. The three Swiss/Australian siblings have composed music for over 250 international TV campaigns (Dove, MasterCard, Sony), 20 films (180°, Summer Outside, The Little Witch) and for the Oscar nominated “La Femme et le TGV” staring Jane Birkin.

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