Noel Burgess

Smoke Between the Trees (2018) – Feature Film

CJ the DJ (2010) - Television Series

Culdesac (2017) - Television Series

Toyota Scion (2002) – TVC

SCG (2017) – TVC

Flow (2017) – Documentary

Call of the Woodford Boy (2015) - Short Film


After graduating from QLD conservatorium Noel established a reputation as an electronic music and production pioneer in Australia as Vision Four 5 and continued as a producer to achieve ARIA nominations for his work. Since 2000 Noel has been composing music for screen for advertising, TV series, short film, features and interactive and interpretive installations as well as ongoing production and mastering for Ministry of Sound. Credits include Strange Planet (1999), Smoke Between the Trees (2018 in progress) – feature film, CJ the DJ (2010), Culdesac (2017 in progress) - television series, Toyota Scion (2002), SCG (2017) – TVC, Flow (2017) – Documentary, Call of the Woodford Boy (2015) short film. Noel also works at Western Sydney University - music and is currently a PhD candidate in composition at MQU-Syd.

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