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Nicolette Boaz

Laura's Choice (2020) - Feature doco

Angels Gather Here (2017) - Documentary

Original Score (2015) - soundtrack album

Show Me the Magic (2012) - Feature Documentary

Our Generation (2010) - Feature Documentary

The Burning Season (2009) - Documentary

My Home, the Block (2009) - Documentary

Silma's School (2005) - Documentary

Dalton Sisters (2002) - Documentary

For Who I Am (2001) - Documentary


Nicolette Boaz has been playing piano since the age of four as did her Russian grandmother, her mother and her 2 sisters. From funk to world music, from jazz to blues she likes to compose in different genres and mix it up. A degree in Music and Aboriginal Studies has led her to score for documentaries about social justice and in particular Indigenous issues. Piano, guitar and mandolin are all her instruments of choice and her usual morning sees her, in pyjamas, with a cup of tea tinkling away at the ivories to start the day. She has scored for orchestras, theatre shows, music libraries and currently also works as a piano tutor.