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Nicholas Marks

Either Side of Midnight (2020) - ¬Feature Film

Dascham (2021) – Feature Film

Village Roadshow Logo Music (2015) – Theme

Love Your Sister (2014) - Documentary

The Wind Cries (2018) – Short Film

Click (2017) – Short Film

Joshua (2012) – Short Film

Sweatshop (2015) – Web-series

Love Your Sister On The Road (2013) – Web series

VIC/New York

Nicholas Marks is a uniquely modern composer of film, television and multimedia scores. His musical voice artistically and skillfully moves between styles and moods, harmonizing futuristic and traditional sounds with timeless emotion: from nostalgic ambient and poignant piano; to chamber classical works and soaring symphonic melodies blended with synthesizer textures; and the tipping points of jazz, hip-hop and neo-soul.

With every project, Marks undertakes deep research and experimentation to create new, compelling sounds upon which to establish a project's unique identity.

He brings a wide palette of emotional sensibilities to each project, often evoking without describing, creating a feeling which defies articulation. Marks's understanding of how to present complex ideas in a musically accessible way can be traced to his eclectic musical background, and deep study of the piano and scores since the age of 9.

Marks collaborates with leading film-makers, artists and producers. In 2020, he scored director Roger Spottiswoode's (Tomorrow Never Dies, The Sixth Day) latest film, "Either Side Of Midnight", followed by scoring another feature, the psychological thriller "Dashcam" (Dir. Christian Nilsson), slated for release in 2021. Marks is also known for his score on the documentary "Love Your Sister" (starring Guy Pearce, 2014), as well as his work on the iconic sting for Village Roadshow Pictures (2015). In 2021, Marks scored "American Metamorphosis", a 6 part mini-series podcast by The Atlantic Re: Think and Boston Consulting Group, as well as composed and arranged new pieces for the G'Day USA Virtual Gala, featuring Hugh Jackman, Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, George Clooney and Delta Goodrem.

His prolific output has received international acclaim, been broadcast worldwide in cinemas, international film festivals, on cable television and streaming networks, commercials, award shows, theater and online content. His work has been performed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and internationally acclaimed singer song-writer Lior.