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Ned Beckley

Thalu (2020) - TV Series

00% Wolf ‘Legend of the Moonstone’ ​(2020) - TV Series

Below​ (2019) - Feature Film

Family Rules Season 3 ​(2019) - TV Series ​(additional music)

7am​ (2019) - Podcast

Elsta Foy​ (2019) - Documentary

shes Series ‘Our Greatest Test’​ (2017) - TVC

he White Rabbit Project​ (2016) - TV Series

engatan​ (2016) - Short film

Of Dust​ (2016) - OST


Ned Beckley is a Fremantle based artist with a multi-faceted practice in which sound and music is the key material of communication and investigation. He has a diverse body of work that spans electronic performance and recordings, soundtracks and sound design for film and TV, installation, dance and various digital multimedia frameworks. He has studied cinema at Melbourne University and worked at the National Film & Sound Archive, both of which have served to hone Beckley’s understanding of the synergy between film and sound.