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Natalie Jeffreys

Super Jenny (2020-2021) - Web Series

The Testosterone Club (2021) - Short Film

Hansel's Gretel (2021) - Short Film

River Hags (2020) - Short Film

Allsort Arts (2020) - Web Series

Michael and Phillip (2020-2021) - Web Series (Proof of Concept only)

Slurp! (2013)​ - Short Film

The Test (2013)​ - Short Film


Natalie Jeffreys is a composer, singer-songwriter, spoken word poet, and a human muppet based in Melbourne, Australia.

She is particularly passionate about scoring female-led films. Her work includes collaborations with award-winning JMONK Vision on the online series Super Jenny (with La Mama Theatre), the short film River Hags, the web-series Allsorts Arts, and short film Hansel’s Gretel. She also scored the short film The Testosterone Club (F Word Films), and the proof of concept for the comedy series Michael and Phillip (Northen Star Productions).

Her current projects include the feature film Burning In (Three Quarter Films), the web-series Drought (JMONK Vision), and the cross-platform project LIGHTS UP (Northern Star Productions).

She has previously co-composed music for the play Heart Thy Neighbour at the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF), and went on to produce her own one-woman musical comedy One Red Cheek in 2016. As part of her studies at Monash University, she presented a live performance piece featuring the use of PlayStation controllers as instruments.

She is also a lyricist and poet; In 2018, she won the Melbourne Spoken Word Prize for the performance of her poem The Purity of Sadness and was runner-up in Slamalamadingdong’s Gender Outlaw Slam. She is a member of the Australian Guild of Screen Composers (AGSC) and the Alliance for Women Film Composers (AWFC).