Directory of Members


Miguel Artugue

Teddy (2020)- Short Film

Like the Wind: Cinematographer Christopher Doyle (2020)- Feature Documentary (additional music)

Luna Seven (2020)- Short Film

Stalling (2020)- Short Film

Nowhere Still for Me to Know You (2020)- Short Film

Wow & Flutter (2019)- Short Film

Butterfly (2019)- Short Film

Commander Sam (2018)- Short Film


Miguel Artugue is a composer and audio engineer who has won awards for his short film scores and sound design.

A versatile and experimental musician, Miguel often blends sound design elements, unconventional instruments, found sounds and field recordings to add texture and ambience to his scores. His solo musical project Ativandal employs many of the same techniques, creating cinematic atmospheres within electronic folk music.

He studied at SAE Melbourne where he graduated as valedictorian with a Bachelor of Audio in Post-Production.