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Michael Drew

Kinks (2021) - Short Film

True Blue (2020) - Short Film

Luca and Iso (2020) - Short Film

I Win (2020) - Short Film

Trespassers (2019) - Short Film

Percy (2019) - Short Film

My First Murder (2019) - Short Film

On the Move (2018) - Feature Film - Co-composer

Papercut (2018) - Short Film

Shiver (2016) - Short FIlm


Michael Drew is a multi award-winning Australian composer for film, television and games.
He currently holds a Master of Fine Arts in Music for Motion Pictures and Contemporary Media from the Film Scoring Academy of Europe. Michael began working professionally while still studying his Bachelor of Music through the University of Canberra; scoring two films from the Griffith University Film School (The Neon King and Meeting Mum) whilst also receiving successive Dean's Excellence Awards for his studies. He graduated with a Bachelor & Honours degree in music, and was an Associate Lecturer in screen music and orchestration at the University of Canberra.

Michael’s compositions have received 9 awards from around the world as well as several nominations.

Following his early success in the film circuit, Michael began to branch out and compose for games. He has a keen interest in spatial audio which is reflected in the research projects he has undertaken including his MFA thesis from FSAE.

Michael prides himself on bringing passion and enthusiasm to every project. With a keen insight in scoring to visuals and storytelling, an outstanding work ethic and an open mind, no concept is too complex for this experienced and talented composer.