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Leon Ross

Today (2020) - Short Film

My Box and Me (2020) - Short Film

Rabbits (2019) - Short Film

50 Years Later (2019) - Short Film

There’s a Mobster Under My Bed (2019) - Short Film

Castlemaine Warriors (2019) - Documentary (additional music)

SHED (2019) - Short Film (additional music)


Leon Ross is a versatile and experimental Melbourne-based multimedia composer and electronic music producer. With a Masters and Bachelor degree, Leon Ross aged 23 has composed a wide range of projects of numerous genres and released records under international labels.
Awarded in 2018 the Outstanding Student Award (Composition), Best 3rd Year Film Score, and AVCAT Long Tan Bursary.

He has been known to utilize intellectual dramaturgy with manipulated acoustic and electronic colours.
His experiences extend beyond composition, from areas of sound engineering such as; foley and dialogue artist, mixing and mastering engineer, and sample scripting.

Co-owner of Oracle Music, Leon additionally provides fully inclusive multimedia services ranging from composition, to surround film mixing.

Mentored by George Papanicolaou, Leon has been hired as an in-house composer for Original Score with co-credits such as: SHED (2019) - Short Film, Castlemaine Warriors (2019) - Documentary.

Through experience and creative fascination, Leon strives to create evocative visceral journeys.