Leon Rodgers

Monstruo (2018) - soundtrack album

Warburdar Bununu (2018) - Documentary

Water (2017) - short film

Blackbird (2015) - short film


Currently a Melbourne based composer who grew up playing in bands in and around the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane areas, developing a love for creating music and exploring unique sounds. I then moved to Melbourne where I began to collaborate with local film makers/directors, while also attending RMIT where I completed a degree in Sound Production. Since then I have scored a number of Australian short films including "Water" directed by close friend and frequent collaborator John Harvey the film went on to play at various film festivals around Australia, Canada and the U.S, such as Native primitive showcase (New Mexico, U.S.A), Flickerfest International short film festival (Australia) Imagine Native film and arts festival (Toronto, Canada). Most recently in 2019 I composed music for a true crime podcast series called "Monstruo" which reached #1 on itunes a few weeks after the release. In my spare time I run a very small youtube channel where I make audio visual pieces using my original compositions and edited prelinger/pathe footage.

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