Kyls Burtland

Sando (2018) - Television Series

Here Come the Habibs (2016-17) Television Series

Whitlam: Power and the Passion (2016) - Documentary Series

Touch (2015), Feature Film

Vivid Festival: Music for Projections on the Sydney Opera House (2013), Installation, short film and Interactive

Shanghai Pavillion, World Expo Cinema Experience (2010), Feature film and interactive

Brilliant Creatures (2015) - Documentary Series

Destination Flavor (2014-18) - Television Series

Giggle & Hoot (2013-18) - Television Series


Kyls' work spans 17 TV series, 40 films, installation and events, advertising and songwriting. She won Best Score on graduation from AFTRS in 2003 with a nomination for Emerging Talent of the Year by the Film Critics Circle. Kyls is the only person to have twice won Australian Songwriter of the Year. In 2018, Kyls scored ‘Sando’, a comedy for ABC TV starring Sacha Horler and directed by the Bondi Hipsters. In 2017, Kyls received nominations for Best Theme both at the APRA Screen Music Awards, and at the Asian TV Awards for 'Destination Flavor'. In 2016, her score for Channel 9's 'Here Come the Habibs' was nominated Best Theme at the APRA Screen Awards. Kyls’ installation art music includes a twelve minute work for VIVID Festival’s magnificent projections on the Opera House in 2013, and a twenty-five minute IMAX score for the The Shanghai Pavilion at World Expo, 2010. Kyls wrote the closing ceremony anthem for the Doha games, viewed by 80 million people, and sung by Disney star Lea Salonga. Kyls has also composed for ABC’s high-rating 'Whitlam: Power and the Passion' and 'Brilliant Creatures' for BBC, as well as the feature film, 'Touch' starring Matt Day, 'My 24' and 'Giggle and Hoot' for ABC Kids, 'Bondi Rescue', and SBS’s 'Destination Flavour', 'Shane Delia’s Spice Journey' and 'Gourmet Farmer'. Her awards include two international Gold Promaxs for her ABC TV Rebrand Theme, 2007. Kyls has toured with The Beastie Boys, Primus, and Bob Dylan, and played on Festival stages with Bjork and Basement Jaxx. She is a past Board Member of the Australia Council Music Fund under Nathan Waks, and has been an adjudicator at the Screen Music Awards for the past five years. Kyls also writes and produces scripts and was one of SPAA's 'Ones to Watch'.

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