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Jeremy Richmond

Audi The Car You’ve Always Wanted (2020) - TVC

Hyundai Mirrors (2020) - TVC

Rest Super From Dawn Until Dawn (2020) – TVC

Westpac 3% (2020) - TVC

Smeg Linea Blade (2019) - TVC

Dead Lucky (2018) – Television Series (additional music)


Having studied piano from the age of 9, Jeremy realised his love for music very quickly. Inspired by the films he watched growing up, in particular scores by John Williams and Howard Shore, he wanted to pursue a career in music for screen. He attended the Sydney Conservatorium of Music where he was able to study abroad in Los Angeles and take part in UCLA's film music school which solidified this dream. His music style is influenced by his classical training, blending electronic and acoustic sounds to create something entirely unique. Jeremy is humbled to be part of the music team at Rumble Studios where he is honing his skills to create original and intelligent music for TV and film.