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Jason Schmechtig

TKG: The Kids of Grove (2019) – Feature Film

A Safe Place (2020) – Short Film

Based in Australia and having been a music industry veteran for over 10 years, as well as a being multi-instrumentalists, writing and recording original music has always been commonplace, releasing original music in 2 different bands, as well as touring and playing live.

The love of film, film scores, soundtracks, gaming, and everything in between has sent this self confessed movie buff on a film scoring endeavour, and an eclectic background of classical, jazz, funk, soul, metal, rock, electronic and synthwave to name a few, has piqued his sound experimentation further as to where musical scoring could lead to and change going forward.

A chance encounter with a music video director’s venture into short films gave Jason his first taste of scoring to film, and after positive feedback from the director and others, there was a realisation this should be pursued further. With a couple of short films, two feature films, documentaries and even an anime theme song under his belt, a new adventure was underway. Jason and Damien, his partner in Jeenyis Scoring recently won Best Score for the short film "A Safe Place" at LA-based festival Global Shorts.

With a passion for individuality, audio production, client needs, and of course fun, accompanied with the above and beyond mentality where the only limitation is imagination, Jason continuously demonstrates his creativity and understanding of his client's vision and intention of their project, no matter the size, budget, or scope.