Directory of Members


Jamie Peter Fonti

Ruby’s Choice (2020) Feature Film Composer

Life of The Party (2018) Feature Film Composer

Love of My Life (2013) Feature Film Additional Composer

Bondi Rescue (2009) TV Series Additional Composer

Kenny’s World (2008) TV Series Additional Composer

Big Brother (2008) TV Series Additional Composer

You Cant Stop The Murders (2003) Feature Film Composer

Two Hands (1999) Feature Film Additional Composer

Black Rock (1997) Feature Film Additional Composer

The Heartbreak Kid (1993) Feature Film Additional Composer


Jamie Fonti has a career spanning four decades in the film and television industry. Born in Australia brought up in the UK he started out as a child actor and extra performing in many Australian Features, Advertisements and TV shows. In his teens and 20s Jamie gained attention as a signed artist, songwriter, performer and producer in Australian bands Caligula (Universal Music) and Primary (Warner Music) both nominated for ARIA awards. Both bands licensed numerous songs to feature films, TV shows, advertisements and radio leading to an enhanced career as a composer.

Producing and composing albums for Killer Tracks, Firstcom, Universal Production Music in the US and the respected Bruton Label, Felt Music, Focus Music and BMG UK has seen multiple placements of songs written worldwide