Directory of Members


Hylton Mowday

Cornelia Parker MCA (2019) - documentary

Kings of Baxter (2017) - Feature Documentary

The Unseen House Sydney Opera House - Documentary

Brother - Short film

Heaven - short film

Guess How Much I Love You - Children's TV Series

Gasp! - Children's TV Series

The Animated Leunig - Animations

Midnight Drum - TVC

Dance - Short Film


"Music is my expression of who I am, who I wish to be and how I feel. It is my most comfortable and sincere language of communication. Just like an ever-changing mood and personality, I embrace the fluidity of musical genres; Rock n Roll, Jazz, Funk, Baroque and everything in-between. It is through continual education and hard work to comprehend the building blocks of music that I find the source of the liberation of creativity. Every note can be as beautiful as it can be ugly, knowing in which order to place them makes all the difference. I do not believe personal subjectivity makes strong enough a defence for the like or dislike of music. Knowledge, education and being open to question one’s own certainty forges a path to musical insight and development. This is true for composer, performer and audience."

Hylton studied composition and arrangement at The University of Cape Town and is also a multi-instrumentalist. Since arriving in Australia in 2000, Hylton started We Love Jam Studios and works as composer, arranger and performer across many medium of the musical world. He has won Screen Composers Awards for Animation Series and TVCs as wells as awards for Screen Writing and has recently been nominated for his first AACTA Award in 2020.