Frank Millward

Brian and Banksy – (2019) Animated film with live performed soundtrack (UK tour 2019/2020)

Armistice - (2018) Feature Documentary (Channel 7)

The Fair Go: Winning the 1967 Referendum (1999) Documentary (ABC)

The Legend of Fred Patterson (1996) Feature Documentary (ABC)

The Flame of Freedom (1995) Television (ABC)

Red Ted and the Great Depression (1994) Documentary (ABC)

One Man’s Instrument – (1989) Animated short film

Together We’ll Show the World - Come Join the Spirit – (1988) Expo 88 – Television

Mystify – Michael Hutchence (2019) Feature Documentary (additional music with Ollie Olsen)


Frank Millward is a film composer who explores cross-disciplinary relationships between music, art, science and the moving image where focus is given to the integration of sound and image with context. His works for film, television, studio recordings, theatre, site-specific and the concert stage are realised in collaboration with directors, producers, visual artists and scientists. His musical style combines audio art, sound design, jazz, orchestral and electro-acoustic art music genres. He is currently Professor of Music Composition at the ANU School of Music.

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