Elliott Wheeler

Every Day - Feature Film

The Get Down - Netflix Series

The Great Gatsby - Feature Film

Restraint - Feature Film

The Chaser's War on Everything - Television Series

A Collection of Yellow Cocktail Music (from the Great Gatsby)- Soundtrack Album

The Checkout - Theme

The Ship Song - TVC

Running to America - Documentary

A Girl, A Horse, a Dream - Documentary


Elliott Wheeler is a composer, producer and founder of Turning Studios. Classically trained, he studied composition and brass studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and Philosophy at Sydney University. Now based in Los Angeles, he is in high demand as a composer and producer across a broad spectrum of genres from studio releases to film, theatre, and commercials. Wheeler has a unique ability to bring disparate personalities, eras and idioms into coherence with an overall vision. That’s been been honed in his work as composer and executive music producer with Baz Luhrmann – most notably on the genre- and era-defying The Great Gatsby, and Netflix sensation The Get Down.

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