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Edward Primrose

Little Heart (2017) - Short film

A Contramano (2015) - Short film

The dancer from the dance (2013) - Documentary

Detour (2009) - Short film

Kill Only This One (2006) - Short film

Tasting Heaven (2004) - Short film

Humanimation (2001) - Documentary

Reverence (2000) - Documentary

Fantasia Cromatica (1998) - Short film

Crouching by the Door (1997) - Short film


Edward Primrose was trained as a composer (Canberra School of Music, ANU) studying under Larry Sitsky, Donald Hollier and Don Banks. Winner of the ASME Young Composers Award in 1980, Edward has written symphonies, a piano concerto, chamber & vocal music, electroacoustic music, opera, music theatre, music for film, dance, theatre and radio, as well as film scripts and plays. He has conducted opera (with the now defunct Canberra Opera) and orchestras (recordings with the Melbourne and Sydney Symphony Orchestras); He also conducted contemporary music ensembles including the Seymour Group. While resident in France, he was commissioned by the Pompidou Centre for the music to Spheres of Influence (1985). He founded the Paris Performing Group (1986). While in France he composed for TVCs and documentary. Back in Sydney, he conducted the Sydney Youth Philharmonic plus orchestrating and conducting many recording sessions for film and TVC. He was the founding Artistic Director of Camera Camerata (1998) with the Australian Youth Orchestra and five teams of filmmakers and composers. Composer in Residence at AFTRS in 1995, he was the founding Lecturer in music for film (AFTRS 1999-2000) then returned to Lecture (AFTRS, 2006-2013), also lecturing at Queensland Conservatorium & Griffith Film School, AIM, AIFF, Box Hill Institute, universities in Sydney & Melbourne. Wrote, directed, edited & composed the short film Kill Only This One (2006); Wrote, directed & composed the radio play Ray and Ponce, (Soundproof, ABC RN, 2014). Composed for theatre Medea (1994); Mysteriyaki (2000); Brother Boy & Ghost Words (ABC Radio Drama, 2006); Music for film Reverence (2000); Humanimation (2001); The Dancer from the Dance (2013), all nominated for best documentary (AGSC/APRA), A Contramano (2016) and Little Heart (2017). Awarded a PhD in musical dramaturgy (2014).