Branden Nissan

52Hz (2018) - Short Film


Branden is a Australian Based Music Producer & Composer from Sydney, Australia, who goes by the alias "Enki". Branden started producing music at the age of 12 and found his love for live performance & composition at the age of 14. Branden is currently studying a Diploma of Songwriting, and produces atmospheric and bass electronic music, butalso experiments with various different genres and sound. Branden has performed in multiple DJ gigs and Live Performances. Branden has achieved Best Composer at the 28th Sydney Film School Festival & Recognition from other popular Composers and Producers. Branden gets most of his inspiration for production through other Producers such as Flume & What So Not, and his compositions from Anime & Video games such as Tokyo Ghoul & Kingdom Hearts. His passion & interest in music gave him the drive to pursue a career in the music industry. Contact:

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