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Ben Talbot-Dunn

Porter Davis (2019) - TVC

Movember (2018) - TVC

Kraft Singles (2018) - TVC

CPA (2018) - TVC

BPme (2018) - TVC

Transport NSW (2018) - TVC


Ben Talbot-Dunn is a composer and sound artist working in film, television, advertising, installation, dance and theatre. While living and performing as a singer-songwriter in Glasgow, UK, his love of film and electronic music combined as he began to explore composition for media. Having returned to Melbourne after seven years he has focussed his time and energy on becoming a world class composer/producer of music. He has created music for advertising content alongside agencies such as The Monkeys, Cummins & Partners, Mr Smith, Glitch Media and Risk Sound, composing for major campaigns with brands such as, BP, Kraft, CPA, Coles, Peters, Movember and Porter Davis. He is extremely committed to creating music for feature films and is especially interested in the psychology and emotional persuasion music has within this medium. Ben has also worked on a raft of Melbourne theatre projects as well as creating sound design and music for installations and other live performances. He is the singer and songwriter for the band Open Swimmer who will release the follow-up to their acclaimed debut, Canyon, in late 2019. Working out of his beautiful home studio in the coastal town of Point Lonsdale, Victoria, his main love/distraction from making music (after his kids) is surfing.