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Anisha Thomas

Prey (2018) - Short Film

My Friend has a Giant Golden Clitoris (2018) - Documentary

The Bench (2017) - Television Series

Curated Illusions (2017) - Short Film

The Taint (2017) - Short Film

Vegan is a Dirty Word (2017) - Documentary

Coyotes (2016) - Short Film

Transcending Gender (2016) - Documentary

Jimbra (2016) - Short Film

World Peace and a Pony (2015) - Feature Film


Anisha Thomas completed her Bachelor of Music (Composition) degree with Honours at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Her music has featured at international and national festivals and productions and the Sydney Opera House. Her career as a screen composer has included scoring for the award-winning film Curated Illusions, as well as a variety of other short films, documentaries, a television series and a feature film. Anisha is the owner and director of the sound and music production house Sound-how, leading a diverse team of composers and sound designers. Sound-how not only provides great sound and music for various on and off-screen projects, but also prides itself on being a social enterprise, as part of their funds go towards causes helping underrepresented groups and communities.