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Adam Alexander

Cessation campaign (2021) - TVCs x 3

Jump (2020) - Short Film

How To Outsmart The Prisoner’s Dilemma (2020) - Short Film, Documentary

Accents (2019) - Short Film

The Myth Of The Sampo (2019) - Short Film, Documentary

The Prodigal Son Returns, The Jellies (2019) - TVC

Inside Water (2018) - Short Film

The Teleporter Adventures (2017) - Game

How To Understand Power (2014) - Short Film, Documentary

The Science Of Stage Fright (2013) - Short Film, Documentary


Adam Alexander is an award-winning composer, music producer and sound designer from Sydney, Australia.

A creative professional with over 15 years industry experience - Adam understands the art and business of music. Adam founded Bamm Bamm Wolfgang, Musical Works & Sound Recordings - a boutique, full service post sound house working across all modern media platforms, with the intention of providing a professional service with the integrity & quality expected of a craftsperson.

As a composer, Adam’s musical voice has been described as emotively insightful and poetically functional. Adam has provided original score for live-action and animated films which have enjoyed success at international film festivals, as well as original music and sound design for a number of award winning projects - including TVCs and games (including VR and AR) for clients and agencies worldwide.

An experienced producer and innovative sound designer, Adam has been twice nominated for, and awarded, the Best Sound award at the Australian Screen Sound Guild awards (Live-Action Short 2019 and Animated Short 2014).

As a music producer and songwriter, Adam has developed a keen intuition for vocal production and commitment to artistic integrity, working with a number of Australian recording artists - recently producing the debut album for Crystal Cities between his Sydney studio in Ultimo and London's iconic Abbey Road Studio 2.

A lifelong fan of the incomparable Jim Henson and a passionate advocate for five star family entertainment - Adam is currently developing an original epic fantasy world with his longtime collaborator, animator and director, Robertino Zambrano.

With a philosophy of positive creativity and open collaboration, Adam desires to work on projects that inspire and challenge and ultimately make the world a better place.